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Anglos In The Wind was started in 1998

Anglos In The Wind was started in 1998 by a small band of Anglo-Indian media professionals and is published and edited in Chennai, India, by Harry MacLure. The editorial team strives to research and publish authentic articles relevant to the Anglo-Indian community that strike a balance between the informative, practical and the entertaining. The magazine features People Stories, Interviews, Book Reviews, Humour, A.I. History and Nostalgia, A.I. Recipes, Community Issues, Fiction, Poetry and A.I. Cartoons. AITW reaches people in India, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Singapore and the Gulf countries.

  • Open its pages and take a look at the Anglo-Indian community in all its hues.

Since its launch, AITW has nursed a mission in its core: connect­ing Anglo-Indians in love; uniting them in thought and spirit. Started as an eight-page newsletter, AITW has broadened its boundaries to become what it is today. AITW has evolved over the years, but the core has remained faithfully the same.

AITW’s success is linked to its stories told of high achievers within the community as well as of simple Anglo-Indian folk – unsung men and women whom anyone can easily identify with. With its contemporary brevity and reader-friendliness, it has won many hearts, non-Anglo-Indian ones as well.

Four times every year, the magazine comes out with a right blend of nostalgia, giving senior readers the sheer pleasure of remembering their past, and a taste of the ‘now’ that highlights the rise of a new generation of young Anglo-Indians ready to take on the world. AITW has always been instrumental in making our folk, especially the youth among us, to stop, think and exclaim: “I’m proud to be Anglo-Indian!”

The articles and stories evoke many emotions in our readers, underscoring what we, as a community, used to be, as well as what we are now. The content, issue after issue, proves that Anglos In The Wind is there to pay tribute to our unique heritage, culture and supreme adaptability.

The history of our magazine is filled with accomplishments as it marches on towards a glorious future where more goals will be reached. As AITW completes the 20th year of its existence, we promise to continue exploring the essence of being Anglo-Indian in our future issues. It is our wish to leave an intellectual inheritance that the community can be proud of.

It has been an incredible journey for the magazine and for all of us who are behind it. We at AITW try to go beyond being a magazine. We strive to promote love within the community and propagate unity for the benefit of less fortunate Anglo-Indians in India. We act as a mediator between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’.

The magazine depends mainly on subscriptions and revenue from advertisements. Our readers would know that we have always kept our subscription rates low and affordable. So, kindly support us with your subscription and help us to craft a better publication for you!

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